St. Therese Catholic School

Elementary School Knowledge

Strong Academics

Our academic program is designed to fuel a love for learning. We believe excellence is achieved by setting high standards, providing appropriate instructional methods and monitoring achievement. 

Each child who attends St. Therese will be challenged, supported and provided endless opportunities to explore his or her God-given potential. We are proud of our academics, finding most of our graduates achieving success in Honors or AP level class in high school. 


Saxon Math

Our Saxon math series is challenging and fun. It provides each student the opportunity to learn math logically and accurately.  According to the principles of Saxon Math, children are encouraged to learn a new mathematical element and rule every day as well as practice previously learned concepts frequently.  

St. Therese kindergarteners complete the first grade math curriculum, which helps them to establish a strong foundation of computation and problem-solving skills early in their educational journey.  In Middle School, our students complete pre-algebra, algebra and geometry.


The goal of our Language Arts program is to help students effectively integrate reading, writing, speaking and listening. The key components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension of informational and literacy text) are critical to future learning. Along with spelling and grammar, we prepare students to communicate with confidence and clarity. 


Core Knowledge represents a first-of-its kind curriculum to identify the foundational knowledge every child needs. This content's rich, academically challenging, classical liberal arts curriculum gives students a broader understanding of the world.  We utilize this sequence in Literature, Science, History and Geography.

Benefits of Core Knowledge | Students:

    •    Provides a broad base of knowledge

    •    Provides the rich vocabulary needed for reading achievement and academic success.

Benefits of Core Knowledge | Schools:

    •    Provides a coherent, sequenced learning plan from grade to grade

    •    Promotes teamwork and an institution-wide focus 

    •    Enables schools to work more effectively while meeting and exceeding state standards.


Twice a week, students attend Spanish, art, music and phy-ed. These courses provide a well-rounded curriculum and provide an opportunity for students to learn a new language. Spanish is taught for 30-45 minutes per session, depending on the age of the student. 


Our teachers use multiple methods to monitor progress. One way to track growth is through standardized assessments, such as the NWEA-MAP (Northwest Evaluation Association – Measures of Academic Progress). Students are given the MAP each fall and spring to determine instructional levels and to measure academic growth from year to year in the areas of Math, Reading and Language Arts. The data derived from assessments helps inform our instructional decisions. 


St. Therese teachers and staff understand that students come to us with different academic needs, and we strive to make our school a place where all children can learn. Teachers make every effort to create lesson plans that address the wide variety of learning styles in their classrooms.  

Our highly qualified teaching assistants support teachers and students in a wide variety of ways, including working with small groups or individual students.  Individual Student Plans are written to support students with diagnosed learning challenges. If the need for detailed academic testing arises, St. Therese School works in conjunction with the Minnetonka school district and a licensed school psychologist to determine the best course of action.