Fr. McClellan

I’m looking forward to praying and serving Our Lord with all of you!  I was ordained a priest a year ago and have been serving at Saint Ambrose in Woodbury.  I grew up in Faribault, MN, where my parents still live.  I’m the youngest of three with two older sisters.  They are both married and I have a niece and two nephews.  I’m a graduate of the University of St. Thomas, where I also attended both of our Archdiocese’s seminaries.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the outdoors.  I always wanted to be an architect growing up and that continues to be an area of interest for me along with history and art.  I look forward to working with Fr. Andrie.  He was in the deacon class when I was in my first year at the Saint Paul Seminary.  Please pray for me and know of mine for you as well!


Fr. Michael McClellan