St. Therese Early Learning Center


Preschool Overview

As your little one gears up for kindergarten, St. Therese guarantees our challenging curriculum and focused attention will prepare your student for a seamless transition into kindergarten.

What’s the secret to our student’s success? A 1:8 teacher:child ratio encourages learning by allowing for greater teacher-child interaction. Teachers are keenly aware of your child’s progress - knowing when to encourage them, and where to gently help them along the way. 

Our preschool room has a structured curriculum, fostering a love of learning. Preschool teachers use weekly themes to tie together new concepts, while leveraging art, music, stories - and many more learning opportunities to do so. 

Activities throughout the day are balanced with both active time and quieter moments. We take advantage of our amazing campus by exploring the beauty of nature, right outside our front door. Some days, you might even catch a glimpse of us walking to Deephaven Woods to visit our Grandfriends! 

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+ Communication

Daily communication with parents is critical to each child’s development. Our goal is to work together with parents to foster growth and ensure your child’s experience is positive at St. Therese.   We encourage parent feedback to assist us in meeting the changing needs of each child.

Daily communication, at both drop off and pick up, includes describing the events of the day and highlighting your child’s unique day. We offer parent-teacher conferences twice a year in which we more formally discuss each child’s development and goals for the coming months.

+ Daily Schedule

32 months - Kindergarten

+ Centers


Open ended projects that encourage creativity through choices and materials.  The project is usually based on the theme of the week.


This center is changed every week or every two weeks.  The room is set up to go with the monthly themes.  The children dress-up, pretend, and socialize during the creative playtime.  


The children use their hands to manipulate small objects.  Some examples in this center are cutting, tearing, tracing, lacing, building small structures, doing puzzles, and using manipulative toys.


Language development is encouraged through flannel board stories, open-ended stories or questions, puppet shows, and sharing personal feelings.


This center allows children to explore and understand the world around them by doing simple experiments.  There will also be activities to enforce math skills.

*** This schedule is a general overview of each day.  It is subject to change as needed***

If the weather does not allow for outside time the schedule with be adjusted to accommodate gym time 11:00 – 11:45

+ Curriculum


We believe music enhances a child’s life by providing a release of expressions, emotions and imagination. Music is integrated throughout the day by singing, listening to tapes and playing musical instruments. We encourage children to use different methods of making music; such as using their bodies or creating new instruments from everyday items. The object is to encourage children to express their emotions and feelings through music. 

We often tie music to our theme of the week. Exposing children to new styles of music, such as music from different countries, cultures or periods of time. 

Older Preschoolers are blessed to attend a weekly music class, right inside St. Therese School. Leveraging the amazing resources available to us within our own school. 


Literature, whether reading or writing, play a central role in our curriculum. Students are always welcome to sit quietly and enjoy a book in our book corner, or join us as we head to the school library! We read together often, and encourage students to read both together and alone. In addition to reading, we encourage children to create, and write, their own stories expanding their knowledge of the written word. 

As part of the preschool curriculum, we use finger plays, rhymes, poems, and books with CDs/tapes. Our goal is to expose students early and often to reading and writing. Students work on writing their names, letter and numbers beginning two years prior to kindergarten.


Cooking and exploring new foods is often found in the preschool curriculum. Periodic units involving food nutrition and healthy habits are fun (and important) to our growing preschoolers. We encourage children to use their senses to learn about and explore foods. We stress safety in food preparation and the importance of trying new foods!


Walk down our hallways and you’ll find preschool masterpieces lining the walls. Providing our preschoolers with opportunities to be creative, use their imagination and work on eye-hand coordination are important to us. Children can chose from a variety of methods to create something all their own - as we focus on the process, not the product itself.

An art center is available during free play time, and art is consistently incorporated into small group setting. Teacher guided art projects are often chosen based on the theme of the week; further developing the child’s understanding of the unit. 

Older Preschool students attend art class lead by the St. Therese School teacher. Providing pre-K students an opportunity to move within the school - meet new teachers and leverage our amazing school art curriculum. 


Fine motor skills are developed in a variety of ways, throughout your preschoolers day. Art projects, learning centers - or simply trying self-help skills are some of the many ways we encourage fine motor skills. Below are just a few examples of how we work on fine motor skills. 

  • Small group activities:  Coloring, writing, sorting, cutting, and cooking experiences 
  • Learning centers: Puzzles, legos, small blocks, children’s games 
  • Self-help skills: Zipping up our coats, buttoning, and tying shoes 

Twice a year at conference time, fine motor skills are assessed through various cutting, printing and self-help skills tests. Progress is reported at the child’s conference.


Our learning centers, which are often tied to the theme of the week, provide a chance for children to explore new concepts and learn through hand’s on experiences. This approach to cognitive development encourages children to learn through doing - and often stays with them longer. They work and learn together about patterning, leadership, sharing, writing and even conduct science experiments!


Preschool children are curious about the world around them. We explore our larger world together, by occasionally planning weekly themes about different countries or continents. Students love to learn about different life styles, try new foods, hear new music and enjoy new art forms. We believe our role, as a Christian preschool is to expose our students to the many gifts and cultures around the world. We hope to provide a loving place to learn about respect and responsibility for the people both within their community and outside it. Past themes have included, heroes (military, firemen, etc.) Martin Luther King Jr., Chinese New Year, etc. Throughout the year, we also go on fun field trips; such as to a farm, museum and apple orchard to further explore our community and the amazing blessings within it. 


The dramatic play area is based on the theme for the week. Examples include a zoo, bakery, post office, and restaurant. Props related to each theme are brought in and the children participate in the set-up of the area. The dramatic play area offers the children an opportunity to role play and utilize both their imaginations and creativity. 


Our preschoolers are on the go! Each day we provide many opportunities to enhance gross motor skills. If the weather is nice, we head out to the playground, go for walks, play on the soccer field, jump ropes - and so much more. Indoors can be just as fun on a cold/rainy day. The St. Therese gym provides a safe place to run, jump and play during those cold winter days. Our preschoolers are blessed to have many resources and opportunities provided by our beautiful campus and St. Therese Catholic school. Older preschool students take part in gym class each week with the school's Phy-Ed teacher.