St. Therese Child Care

Rates and Payment

Rates and Payment Overview

St. Therese Child Care is committed to providing only the best for your little one. Our rates are competitive, and reviewed annually to ensure we are consistent with surrounding Child Care Centers rates. 

Tuition is due every other week, and for your convenience we offer online payment.

Child Care Rates  

Effective: July 2018 – June 2019  
Registration Fee: $70 per family
Second Child Discount: 10% off the older child fee. 

Infant | Ratio 3:1

Age Range: 6 Weeks - 16 Months

             EFT or Check                      Credit Card
Weekly : $446.00                               $460.00
3-Days:    $333.00                               $342.00

*Parents provide diapers, formula if different than brand supplied by the Child Care.

Toddler | Ratio 5:1

Age Range: 16 Months - 33 Months

             EFT or Check                      Credit Card
Weekly: $383.00                              $394.00
3-Days:  $288.00                               $297.00                   

*Parents provide disposable diapers. 

Preschool | Ratio 8:1

Age Range: 33 months - 5 years

            EFT or Check                     Credit Card  
Weekly: $333.00                            $343.00
3-Days: $249.00                              $258.00

Late Fee

$1.00 per minute per child. It is payable when the child is picked up, to the teacher. The late fee is charged when your child is here after the 6:00p.m. closing time. 

Additional Fees

$15.00 - $20.00 is usually collected when the preschool children attend a field trip to cover admission and/or bus fare.