School Testimonies

What others are saying

St. Therese Catholic School has served thousands of families over the years by providing quality education grounded in faith. See what others are saying about the school below. 

Terese S.

"St. Therese is a place where children's education foundations are formed. They learn to strive to exceed for excellence both academically and spiritually.  The teachers provide loving guidance.  It is a place where the children feel safe and welcomed and part of an extended family."

Sadie K.

"We are blessed to have this “village” helping us to raise our child.  He continues to grow not just in his academics, but in his awareness of the world around him by living out the root beliefs that are taught and encouraged every day."

Tom & Katie S.

"St. Therese does an amazing job of weaving faith, virtues, morals and putting others first into each and every day. We believe strongly that the gift of a Catholic education is the best gift we can give our kids!"

Bryan G.

"You will never get lost in the shuffle at St .Therese, each member of the staff and teachers are committed to ensuring your child’s potential is maximized."

Lisa and Brian K.

"In our experience, our three children received individualized attention that allowed them to meet their academic potential while reaffirming the core values that support and fit with our family beliefs."