St. Therese Early Learning Center


Toddler Overview

St. Therese toddlers are bright and bold! The 1:5 teacher:child ratio in the toddler room allows staff to get to know each child individually and encourage their little personalities to blossom.  

This amazing time of development is enhanced with art, music, dramatic play, cognitive learning, gross and fine motor development. Activities throughout the day are balanced with both active time and quieter moments. We take advantage of our amazing campus by exploring the beauty of nature in our Outdoor Learning Center and the DNR Certified School Forest right outside our front door.

Whether we are playing on our “toddlers only” playground, walking in the woods, singing songs or learning about colors, shapes, letters, numbers and so much more - our toddlers are immersed in learning and love.

+ Communication

Daily communication with parents is critical to each child’s development. Our goal is to work together with parents to foster growth and ensure your child’s experience is positive at St. Therese.   

Daily communication, at both drop off and pick up, includes describing the events of the day and highlighting your child’s unique day. You will also receive a “Daily Information Sheet” providing additional details (i.e., food choices, nap-time, diapering). 

We offer parent-teacher conferences twice a year in which we more formally discuss each child’s development and goals for the coming months.

+ Daily Schedule
6:30—8:50 Free Play(diaper changing ~ 8:45)
8:50—9:00 Clean up
9:15—10:00 Breakfast/Hand washing
10:00—11:00 Gross Motor Development
11:00—11:50 Large Group Activity/Free play (diaper changing ~ 11:30)
11:50—12:00 Clean up
12:00—12:15 Group Time
12:15—1:00 Lunch/Hand washing 1:00—3:00 Rest time
3:00—3:30 Quiet Activities/Waking up (diaper changing ~ 3:15)
3:30—4:00 Snack
4:00—5:00 Gross Motor Development/Departure
5:00—6:00 Indoor Free Play/Departure
  • This schedule is a general overview of each day. It is subject to change as needed. If the weather does not allow for outside time the schedule will be adjusted to accommodate gym time 11:00 – 11:45 for gross motor development.
+ Curriculum


Our toddlers create masterpieces! These priceless pieces of art are often determined by the “theme of the week”. While materials used for artwork range dramatically (paint, crayons, cotton balls, pasta noodles, etc.) the focus of the project is the process in which the children use the materials. We are proud of our budding artists!


Circle time is incorporated into the toddler room for approximately 10-15 min. twice a day. It provides consistency in the daily routine and a great chance for the toddlers to enjoy music and books. This time may also be spent using finger puppets, flannel board stories - and so much more! 

Reading is critical to the development of our toddler friends. We have incorporated reading throughout the day - and toddlers are encouraged to flip through the many books in our classroom. During circle time, prior to nap and in the afternoon we use books to explore the world around us. 

Music is central to our toddler’s day at St. Therese. We sing and dance daily, often bringing out instruments to try making new sounds! Every other week, our music expert, Jean-Ann provides backup with her guitar and we sing together during our scheduled “music time!” Finally, there is nothing quite as soothing as our quiet, calming music playing softy during nap time.


At times, the weekly themes incorporate different foods into our day, as we explore new cultures. Children are exposed to new foods, both by making and eating them.

Cooking activities include both baking and non-baking activities. Examples of non-baking activities include “ants on a log” and edible play dough. Baking activities include making cookies, pizzas and muffins. The children are encouraged to taste, touch and smell and see different types of food.


Dramatic play is popular with our toddlers - allowing them to dress up and explore the world around them. Our toddlers have become bus drivers, fire fighters and teachers. Our teachers use dramatic play to talk about the different roles people play within the world we live.

It is always equipped with clean dress up clothes, a toddler-size kitchen and props! (purses, hats, bags, etc.) Items are rotated to keep them enhance the learning process and/or to support the weekly theme. 


Our weekly themes expose children to new concepts - such as animals, weather, science, etc. - and encourage learning through hand’s on activities. Group time discussions, art projects, songs, pictures, stories and sensory activities are the many ways we develop each toddlers cognitive skills.

The sensory table is used daily, and an important tool for learning through toddlers senses. Many materials have been used in the sensory table; including flour, dried beans, water, marshmallows, and rocks. With each material, the children are encouraged to touch, explore and discover.


Our toddlers are on the go! Each day we provide many opportunities to enhance gross motor skills. If the weather is nice, we head out to the playground, go for walks, play with balls - and so much more. Indoors can be just as fun on a cold/rainy day. The St. Therese gym provides a safe place to run, jump and play during those cold winter days. Our toddlers are blessed to have many resources and opportunities provided by our beautiful campus and St. Therese Catholic school. 


Toddlers are ready to take on new challenges - and we have plenty to help them develop fine motor skills. Puzzles, small blocks, pop beads, so many options are available to our newly independent toddler. Toddler teachers lead and supervise projects like stringing beads, play dough and peg boards - continuing to maximize each toddler potential in the classroom.