Young Adult Ministry


St. Therese Young Adult Ministry

Hey there! Are you a young adult looking to join an authentic, relationship-based community? You found it! St. Therese Young Adult Ministry is focused on getting to know you and supporting you as we journey through this season of life together.

How often do you meet?

Because we are a growing community, we are only meeting in small groups on a monthly basis. This spring, we will be hosting a kick-off event which will open up a summer filled with large group opportunities! Fill out the form below to learn more about our small groups!

Small groups not your thing?

If the idea of entering into a small group makes you want to cower in the corner, fill out the form below and let us know this. We would love to meet with you to see how we can best serve your needs in our community! (Coffee anyone??)

Interested in learning more? Let us know!

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